Vlad Dracula Chronology


the birth of Vlad, Vlad the Devil's second son, and the future king Vlad the Impaler;


Young Vlad is sent hostage to the Otoman Empire;


Vlad the Impaler occupies for a short while Wallachia's throne;


Vlad the Impaler as a fugitive in Moldova and Transylvania;


with help from Transylvania, Vlad the Impaler occupies Wallachia's throne;


Vlad the Impaler aids his cousin Stephan the Great to occupy Moldova's throne;

1459 (spring)

Vlad the Impaler forbids Transylvanian traders to stop purchasing goods from directly from the producers while while trading with Wallachian traders is restricted to the border trading places;

1459 (prior to the 23rd of April)

the killing of a group of hostile boyars;

1460 (post-22nd of April)

Vlad the Impaler overruns the county of Barsa and pillages a number of settlements as reprisals for the support offered to his rival to the throne, Dan;

1460, the 1st of October

Vlad the Impaler comes to an agreement with the city of Brasov that the rest of Transylvanian inhabitants contribute with 4000 soldiers in the fight against the Ottomans;

1462, the 11th of February

Vlad the Impaler seeks Matyas Corvinus' - the Hungarian king - help in the fight against the Ottomans;

1462 (June-September)

Vlad the Impaler's wars against the Ottomans;

1462 (prior to the 26th of November)

Vlad the Impaler is arrested at the request of Matyas Corvinus, near to the Dambovita Castle, imprisoned for about two months in the Bran Castle and then moved to the Visegrad Castle where he will stay for the next 12 years;

1476, the 26th of November

Vlad the Impaler becomes king of Wallachia for the second time;

the end of 1476

Vlad the Impaler is killed by the Ottomans with the help of traitor boyars.